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A selection of applications we've developed for various clients over the years. As many of these applications deal with sensitive data, proprietary processes and trade secrets, sections of some of the screen shots have been obfuscated. Website
The ultimate online database for listing and finding rental vacancies. [more...]
e-Commerce Website
Complete web-based, e-commerce solution, customised for your company's requirements and the Canadian business environment. [more...]
Channel Partner Portal
Web-based bilingual registration, login and authenticated access to authorized content and applications for the company's external sales-force. [more...]
Databased catalogue and website generation, with secure shopping cart facility. [more...]
A flexible, plug-in-based framework for providing advanced problem-analysis and problem-solving solutions to front-line staff. [more...]
Report scraping data capture, and reformatting. [Coming soon]
Usage Graph
Automated data extraction and analysis. Won kudos from the CRTC. [Coming soon]
DOS-based contact management system with ground-breaking categorization features. [Coming soon]

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