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Channel Portal

Client TELUS Mobility

Project Channel Partners Portal
Circa 2002 02

Statement of Problem
A redeployment of the Client Portal with changes to support finer variations between users and access characteristics, and also to support the TELUS Mobility Architecture Blueprint.

Specificly, the following points needed to be addressed:

  • Provide the Dealer and Channel Partners with a single web-facing point of contact providing integration with the various channel service applications.
  • Single URL access point.
  • New Login screen to replace current pop-up.
  • Allow users to log in with various roles, and permissions for services that correspond to those roles (for example, to limit use of an application to a Dealer Principal user, or to prevent access of internal dealer information to a Guest user).
  • All content to be delivered in French or English, depending on the users' stated preferences.

The Last Byte participated in the design and development of the following components:

  • HTML templates for use in the construction of the content pages in JSP's.
  • Security architecture for restricting content access to users with suitable roles and from appropriate regions.
  • Conversion of PERL-based contest application to JSP's.
  • Documentation for the above-captioned components.

Tools and Technologies
UML, Java Server Pages, Java Servlets, XML/XSLT, HTML, CSS, BEA WebLogic 5.1, Netscape iPlanet, Solaris 2.7/7.

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