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Project e-Commerce Website
Circa 2003 01

Statement of Problem had developed their own e-commerce site, based on PERL scripts cobbled together from various online sources. It was a fine effort for someone who'd never touched a computer 3 years prior; but it lacked a shopping cart, the checkout page was 250K long and it wasn't secure. Moreover, the manual maintenance of the catalog was a nightmare, which regularly resulted in broken pages.

The Last Byte installed and configured a professional, full-featured, open source e-commerce package, customising it to the client's specifications. The major features:

  • Multi-Currency
  • Multi-Lingual (not included in this configuration)
  • Up to six images (thumbnail and regular) for each product
  • SSL Certificate with TrustLogo installed
  • Shipping costs dynamically calculated through Canada Post web service
  • Completely web-based administration module
    • Addition and maintenance of products and categories
    • Live monitoring of users
    • Manual marshalling of orders
  • Customised meta-tags and page titles for search engine optimization

Tools and Technologies
PHP, MySQL, Apache, Linux, Paint Shop Pro, Dreamweaver MX, XML, HTML, CSS

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