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The Last Byte, Inc. Quality software since 1982.

This is who we are.

All right, confession time: The Last Byte is just one guy. Yeah, all that "us" and "we" stuff was just so much posturing. Oh, we blush to admit it!

This handsome fellow is Alfred Ayache, our founder and president. You can reach us (me) at the coordinates below.


While The Last Byte is "just one guy" (and what a guy!), we have been known to hire other developers when the project required it. This is the ultimate promise of the "virtual corporation": resources when you need them; no overhead when you don't!

Of course, you may rest assured that only the very best developers are chosen to assist us in our development efforts. We insist on the same high standards of excellence from our subcontractors, as we do from ourselves. Because you wouldn't have it any other way. ...And neither would we.

The Last Byte, Inc.
118 Codsell Ave.
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M3H 3W4


(416) 638-2933
(416) 993-BYTE (2983)

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