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Advantages of having a web site

No longer the domain of geeks and wizards, the Internet is finding its way into the lives of ordinary citizens, and your target market. The World Wide Web has been the most revolutionary medium developed since Gutenberg: it empowers everyone from multinationals to basement hobbyists, allowing them to publish and advertise globally, 24 hours a day. Moreover, it's a non-intrusive advertising medium (save for spam and pop-ups) - your market comes to you.

Unlike traditional forms of advertising, the web doesn't force viewers to submit to its message. Participants seek out your information, and are therefore uniquely qualified as they enter your site. No other medium can deliver this market as the web does.

The playing field is now leveled. The question is, how are you going to maximize the power of this new medium to reach your prospects?

How The Last Byte Can Help Your Organization

The Last Byte is your one-stop Internet solution provider. Our full-service Internet offerings include:

Design & Layout, Graphics and Copy Editing
Domain Registration, Hosting and Website Marketing
e-Commerce Site Development
Custom Web Application Development
Ongoing Site Maintenance

We'll help you design your site from concept, to implementation.

Helping Yourself on the Internet

While The Last Byte can do a lot for you on the Internet, we can't do everything. For instance, it's up to you to decide what goes into your site; what sort of information you want to distribute, what image you want to convey. To that end, we'll liaise with a contact person from your organization to provide us with the content for your site. We'll be happy to assist in organizing that content into logical "pages", and editing it for the medium.

What is content? Pretty much anything you want to communicate to the world: company description, mission statement, directory of principals and employees, news releases, product descriptions, photographs of your plant, mine, product or employees. You name it, we can turn it into content.

We'll accept content in the form of ASCII text or word processor files, image files (GIF, JPG, BMP, etc.) and camera ready photographs and logos.

One last note on content before we move on. When considering what to put on your site, ask yourself what your visitors may want to find out about you, your company and your products or services. Then make sure that you not only put it on your site, but make it easy to find.

Another thing we can't do for you is answer your mail. Clearly an organization can hurt its image and prospects by ignoring inquiries. It is therefore our recommendation that at least one person log on every day to respond to e-mail. If we do our job right, that'll be a very busy person.


Compared to any of the other mainstream media - be it newspapers, magazines, radio, television or billboards - advertsing on the web is a bargain!

There are two components to your website costs: the initial development, and ongoing maintenance.

Initial Development

Depending on the size of your site (i.e. how many pages, intrasite links, graphics, etc.) you can be looking at anywhere from $2000 to $5000CDN for initial development. Of course, there's no real limit to how much you can spend. Microsoft has a site that goes on for days. You can be sure they have a small army of people working on it. But for your steak and potatoes, garden variety site, that's the ball park you're looking at.

Ongoing Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance includes website hosting, and limited maintenance of the website, such as adding up to two pages and three graphics per month (non-cumulative). This will run you $300CDN, and would only increase if you had a massive run on the site (we should all have such problems), or decided to make large amounts of material available for download.

Compare that with an equivalent newspaper ad. Now look at magazine prices. Forget about TV because there's no way you'll get all of that information in a thirty second spot. Now think about how effective these other media are compared to the web.

See? It's a bargain!

Other Media

That's not to say other media don't have their place. You can multiply the effectiveness of your website by displaying its URL (Universal Resource Locator; that's the thingie) in your other campaigns. Not to mention the added stature it brings to your company image.

Contact Us Now

Why wait? Your competition hasn't. They're either on the web now, or planning their campaign as you read this.

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