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Circa 2003

Statement of Problem
Searching for an apartment has been the bête noire of a great many people. It takes an awful lot of time, and work. It requires you to travel great distances to see prospective lodgings, many of which aren't even close to being suitable for you.

The advent of the Internet was supposed to improve the situation for apartment seekers. Apartment sites proliferated, promising efficient searches of available digs. Instead, most of them are little more than brochure-ware for large high-rises. There is still no guaranttee that when you call one of these places with specific requirements, they'll have a place available that meets your criteria.

Enter rentersPlus. It offers a wide range of features for both landlords and tenants, to streamline the apartment rental experience.

For Landlords:

  • Log in anytime to activate or deactivate apartments in properties
  • Ample space for descriptions of apartments, properties, images and galleries
  • Fine-grained, formal list of amenities for properties and apartments
  • Comprehensive statistics: number of times property was viewed; time-to-rent
  • Comparisons with similar apartments in the area by price, amenities, etc.
For Tenants:
  • Accurate apartment listings
  • Listed by apartments, not buildings
  • Fine-grained, amenities-based search tool
  • Allows saving of custom search criteria
  • Hotlist feature, allows bookmarking of interesting apartments
  • Free e-mail of new additions which match criteria
  • All services for tenants are free

Tools and Technologies
PHP, MySQL, Apache, Linux, Paint Shop Pro, Dreamweaver MX, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

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