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December 20, 1994 

To Whom It May Concern: 

Alfred Ayache was contracted by Tupperware to provide bilingual computer support for the "Tupperware Distributor" level of the Sales Force. In this capacity he has answered their queries concerning the Clipper based Order Entry system and associated sales, and statistical programmes. Tupperware being a Direct Seller, has unique Sales and Marketing programmes. As such, the supporting computer programmes are also unique and quite complex. Alfred was quick to learn the intricacies of both. He has provided excellent customer support to the Distributors in both French and in English, being professional and conscientious in the performance of his duties. 

Alfred has taken the initiative to suggest ways and means of improving both the programmes and systems for Tupperware. He has demonstrated strong technical ability providing solutions to meet business requirements, a professional attitude, and a refreshing sense of humour that has helped to buoy up the Team. 

Alfred has been a valuable addition to the Tupperware Team, and I have no hesitation in recommending him. 

Janice G. Byerlay
Manager of Distributor Support
Tupperware Canada


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