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March 11, 1993


This letter is to introduce Alfred Ayache of the "The Last Byte Inc." located at 118 Codsell Avenue Toronto Ontario M3H 3W4, who enjoys an excellent reputation in the business community.

Alfred has created and designed a programme call Mag's System for "Metro Advertising Group Inc." in period of 3 to 4 months time. We are very pleased with programme, it serves all our needs.

The quality of Alfred's work is consistently high and very accurate, thoroughness and initiative in carrying out in all his project. Alfred is exceptionally competent, well educated, highly motivated and displays strong leadership in his field. Alfred is a person of the highest character and integrity. He is a responsible and very reliable person.

I am pleased to highly recommend Alfred Ayache of the "The Last Byte Inc."

Edmund Winnicki

"From the smallest flyers to the biggest catalogues"


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