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Queen's Park
Toronto (Ontario) M7A lA2

416 / 326-2841

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9 January 1992


Alfred Ayache, as a contract programmer working off site, carried out the programming for a specific project involving one of our most complex database systems, a confidential system used to track critical work of our office.

Taking over a complex existing-system is not easy, but he was able to do so; and successfully made a number of significant modifications and additions for us. The system, programmed in Clipper, utilized a large number of relational files; a number of different features relating to updating, viewing, maintaining or updating statistics, generating reports, carrying out network related tasks, and providing differing levels of access for various users. He successfully reduced run time memory requirements and produced a second limited feature version, and kept it synchronized with the full version.

On those occasions when Mr. Ayache needed to work with our staff he did so in a thoroughly professional way.

It was particularly appreciated that he thought out the source code changes and additions, taking care to ensure that they and any other parts of the system that might be affected worked correctly and efficiently. Mr. Ayache tested his code thoroughly before bringing a new version in. And ensured that all necessary changes to the various files were identified and taken care of, and that we had up to date versions of all the necessary files. His cooperation with some deadlines that were sometimes tight was much appreciated.

Mr. Ayache successfully completed the changes and additions we needed, doing so with the quality work that our office needed.

Douglas C. Moore
Information Systems Manager


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