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January 6, 2005

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter of reference on behalf of Alfred Ayache of The Last Byte. I have known Alfred since September of 2004 when he began a short consulting engagement with Immersion Studios as a Technical Lead / Project Manager.

Alfred became immediately involved in leading the roll-out of our CyberExplorer installations, conducting much of the technical research and management required for network development and hardware installations on a high-profile, international project. This included effectively liaising and negotiating with suppliers, vendors and installation locations (museums across Canada) whilst communicating with internal business groups for timely delivery of this initiative. In addition to gathering the financial information and preparing timelines, Alfred was instrumental in the roll-out of installations, the production of documentation, and the development of an online community website. In each case, his technical expertise and extensive work history proved a valuable asset.

Alfred has shown the kind of initiative that was critical in the successful development of this project, meeting all assigned tasks with competence. He has shown both good project delivery skills and a positive, professional attitude that has made him a pleasure to have on the team.

I recommend Alfred to you without reservation. If you have any further questions with regard to his qualifications or performance, please do not hesitate to call me.


Heli Tuomi

VP Production
Immersion Studios
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