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The Last Byte is dedicated to delivering custom software solutions to businesses worldwide.
In a world where personal pride and responsibility are sacrificed on the altar of expedience, we proudly take possession of a problem domain and commit to finding and implementing the best, most cost effective solution possible. This isn't simply marketing hyperbole: it's our job, and our raison d'être.

But don't take our word for it; we have over a decade's worth of references to vouch for our devotion to the mantra of Quality.

More than an esthetic, the search for elegant solutions stems from an intimate acquaintance with the systems lifecycle. Elegance will assist the next generation of developers who come after us in traversing your system's learning curve faster; thereby implementing your business's evolving requirements that much more cost effectively.

Our dedication to elegance is also the result of too many encounters with legacy systems which lacked the design and implementation acumen required for true long-term solutions.

There are any number of reasons to join a community of your peers and colleagues: Education, both technical and political; Networking; and Camaraderie. These are especially beneficial to independent developers who may have limited oportunities for contact with their peers.

The reasons for volunteering to lead that community are no less compelling.

The Last Byte has been instrumental in molding the user group landscape in Toronto when it comes to Delphi, Clipper and Visual Objects. The lessons learned, and the friendships forged from the experience have made the arduous journey rewarding beyond telling.


Desktop, networked and distributed database application development
Legacy systems conversion
Website design, implementation and review
Web applications design and development
e-Commerce website design and development
Process re-engineering
Multimedia development

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